At any given moment, the worst can happen. Not that anyone would ever hope or anticipate it, but this world is unpredictable. Here at The Center for Athletic Performance and Physical Therapy we have been offering a monthly self-defense class for women and children partnered with Scottsdale Martial Arts Center. With the years end approaching us, we have scheduled our final class for 2015. Come be apart of it!
Our program titled, “Fight Like a Girl” is designed to help educate women on basic self-defense. Rather than crossing your fingers and hope it doesn’t happen to you, accept the responsibility of learning the fundamentals of how to protect yourself and loved ones from the possibilities of every day violence.
The art of self-defense is so much more than learning how to throw a punch or buy a gun, it’s much deeper than that. It combines a few different components to comprehend and act accordingly in any particular situation. Those components include psychological, intellectual and physical.
The psychological aspect is acknowledging that a real threat exists. Opposed to always counting on protection, like that of police or other source, giving yourself the knowledge of personal protection and overall well being needs to be implemented. If more people acknowledged this, possible statistic on crime would be much lower.
Being intelligent is not ignoring the obvious. Intelligence is realizing your demographic. It is realizing who is most likely to be susceptible to certain violence, who will commit the crimes and where and when these crimes will take place. Don’t place yourself in situations that can be easily avoided. For this class in particular:

  • How and why women are attacked?
  • Vulnerable areas of a woman’s lifestyle
  • What assailants look for in their victims
  • The importance of reacting quickly and being loud

Finally, there is the physical aspect of self-defense. Even if all of the preventative steps are taken, women and children should be well equipped for any given situation. This includes, hand-to-hand combat, ground fighting, and realistic scenarios. Our class will provide women and children, 12 years and up various techniques to protect themselves.
Our final 2015 class will take place on December 12th from 10am-12pm. This class will be particularly special because we will be raising awareness to Domestic Violence. Minimum donation is $10 and all proceeds will be going to Chrysalis (A domestic violence shelter in the valley).