With the 2015 NBA Finals all set, The Golden State Warriors will take on the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Both teams deservingly so have been through a lot this season. Despite their win vs. loss record, they both achieved their excellence through the same 82 game schedules. Their play off fate has looked similar as well. With the Cavs having played 10 playoff games and the Warriors playing 11, which team will overcome the excruciating ware a basketball season can take physically and mentally?
A lot of this physical endurance has to do with performance conditioning and injury prevention during the season. Some injuries are inevitable. Such as when Stephen Curry took a nasty fall during game four of the Warrior versus Houston matchup. Rather than reacting to injury, the steps to eliminate some of basketballs most common injuries are key.
In basketball, some of the most common injuries are sprains, patellar tendonitis, and ankle/foot and hip/thigh injuries. The game of basketball requires so much sudden movements like jumping, running, pivoting, dodging that it can cause long term effects. Spraining your ankles regularly can result in a buildup of scar tissue that restricts motion in the ankle, leading to stress in the knees, hips and even the lower back (1). Basketball players need to constantly keep their hips, hamstrings and quadriceps flexible. This will help to make sure they have an overall balance to control the forces that are put in front of them.
If you want to develop as a champion and make it to the NBA playoff one day, have that mindset now. Accomplish your offseason training goals to boost your in season strength, speed and agility.
Injury Report for the 2015 NBA Finals:

  • Klay Thompson (concussion) said he’ll be at 100 percent for Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday after getting a knee to the ear resulting in three stitches.
  • LeBron playing through sprained right wrist
  • Kyrie Irving (knee) limited at practice Sunday
  • Andre Iguodala said his jumper is broken right now
  • Anderson Varejao is out for NBA finals

Who will overcome the adversities?! Go _________ !

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