With competition levels always increasing, athletes must take full advantage of every opportunity to perform at their best. The best way to improve your game is not only hitting the field, court or rink more, it’s to improve your overall athleticism. Sports performance training will help you to do exactly that. If you’re looking to stay sharp in the off-season, prepare for the upcoming season or continue to increase your athletic potential during the season The Center for Athletic Performance and Physical Therapy can help with those needs.
Conventional training will place more emphasis on transforming your body and muscular build, but sports performance training will help develop specific skills particular to your sport.  Regardless of the sport you play, being faster, stronger and more explosive will take you a long way. Our programs will take you through dynamic warm ups, strength & power training, speed and agility training, regeneration as well as nutrition education.
“Sport-specific training in its current concept is a means of simulating a movement or exercise in the weight room with the intention of it transferring to the playing field, regardless of what that field is,” (1). Integrating specific aspects of your sport into the gym will maximize your efforts once when you get back to the field. A proper foundation has to be set, along with performance fundamentals.
As hard as you’re willing to train at your sport and in the gym, rest is also important! Rest helps maximize your body’s repair. This includes sleep, hydration, nutrition, stretching and recovery. Kicking your legs up and taking it easy on your off day is just as important as reaching your max squat, its imperative to it actually! “As we work out, we place greater strain on our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints,” (2). Although you may be building muscle, your body needs rest to replenish its energy sources and repair and damaged tissue to continue to build that muscle.
From a nutrition standpoint, everything you decide to intake on a day-to-day basis can either help heal and build your body, or poison it. Knowing what to eat before competitions, during and after and essential to the regeneration of you. Even if your in the offseason, preseason or actual season will depend on the types and amounts of food your in taking.
Here at CAPPT we offer sports performance training for:
Football: Increase speed and explosiveness off the line, build tackling and blocking strength, improve balance and agility and reduce the likelihood of injury. Power production and stability will help you be dominant down after down.
Baseball/Softball: Increase bat speed, rotational power, perfect technique, build arm strength, refine speed and agility and reduce chance of injury. Improved overall coordination and range of motion will help with more accurate throws and powerful hits.
Basketball: Improve vertical, increase quickness in transition, increase speed up and down the court, build strength and power, and reduce risk of injury. Proper movement techniques can help you become more explosive on the court.
Hockey: Cover the rink faster, improve shot speed, perfect movement techniques, build strength and reduce risk of injury. Coordination, balance and stability will improve your puck control be more dangerous on the rink.
Golf: Increase swing speed and power, improve flexibility and balance, maximize stability and reduce risk of injury.
Soccer: Improve stamina to last all game, increase agility and balance, build power and explosiveness, and reduce risk of injury. Compete at a world-class level with the ability to run multiple miles per game all while having the endurance to make multiple sprints and the strength to guard off defenders.
Volleyball: Increase vertical to dominate the net, improve agility, build strength and stamina and reduce risk of injury
Swimming: Build stamina, improve power as well as arm and leg strength, perfect stroke techniques and reduce risk of injury
Our certified coaches and training staff will help you achieve your athletic excellence. Every program is designed to specifically to meet your individual training goals. All of our sports performance training programs can be designed for individuals, teams and clubs.
Injury Prevention + Individualized Programs = Optimal Performance

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