Summer = Vacation! Find yourself on a road trip to California, a flight back east to visit the folks, or simply a 2-hour drive north to get out of the desert heat, regardless of the distance, vacation seems to be the easiest, most convenient time to push aside your exercising responsibilities.
A FREE and relaxed activity to maintain healthy exercise habits, while out of town, is to run, walk, or hike! Throwing a pair of sneakers in your suitcase isn’t going to take up much space, therefore pack them and start exploring. It gives you the opportunity to fully emerge yourself in the culture and explore the town, just like a local. You get the opportunity to run/walk/hike off the beaten path and see places you might have not seen otherwise. If you find yourself on a beach, run the coast and sink those feet into the sand or enjoy the view and fresh air from the boardwalk while those comfy sneakers take strides. If running isn’t quite for you, walk! Walk to sightsee. Take the stairs. Forget the rental or public transportation, save the money and raise the heart rate!
If you’re leaving on vacation to get out of the scorching heat, get outside! Wherever you are, it’s partially for its weather, right? Throw a Frisbee, play catch with a football or baseball, kick around the soccer ball, ride a bike, channel back to your elementary recess days. If having an activity more organized…. No problem we have the solution for you! Hit a gym, yoga studio, zumba class, amongst many options and drop in for a class or two. Vacation only lasts so long, so there’s no pressure to sign any sort of long-term contract after your class.
If you’re exploring the caves along the La Jolla, CA beach, opt to rent a kayak. It will take you directly into the action, seeing first hand the beauty of the sea caves and witness some marine animals rather than viewing from afar. Not only does it take you up close and personal, but also for anyone who hasn’t kayaked, it is one heck of an arm and core workout, especially if you’re a family of five and you’re the one in the single kayak 
Traveling a little more north, no problem! Find yourself near a foggy city, wine country, or near mountains with lots of great food, sight seeing architectural and natural landscapes, or hiking opportunities, rent bikes, grab your sneakers and explore the whole thing! Take advantage of the simple things in life and really enjoy your vacation. For instance, don’t just take a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge…make an adventure out of it and try running, biking, or walking over the 1.7 mile bridge!
Simply put, wherever you are, explore Mother Nature! Don’t confine yourself to four walls or doors take yourself to the peak! Engage muscles you don’t normally activate from the gym or on your beloved machines. Expand your normal fitness trends and maybe even adopt new ones. Vacation should be stress free and full of happiness for that is why we go on vacation! Have a great summer 
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