Upcoming Event: Lymphatic Balancing/Ace Massage Cupping Intensive Course

To be the best in the world of sports, or even to feel your best in your day to day life, you must be continually willing to learn and expand your knowledge of what makes you the best person you can be. This is one area where the Center for Athletic Performance can become your best friend. We know the search for excellence never ends, and we make sure to offer not just the tried and true, but the newest and the best in healing and training techniques such as our latest and most exciting upcoming event, the Lymphatic Balancing/Ace Massage Cupping Intensive Course. Geared towards improving the skills and knowledge of our already talented and skilled trainers, this four-day course begins on February 23, lasts through February 26, and offers physical therapists 32 Continuing Education hours and an Ace Certificate declaring the therapist is a Certified Practitioner for Cupping Therapies.

What is Lymphatic Balancing?

Originally designed to treat lymphedema, the practice of Lymphatic Balancing was soon discovered to work in orthopedic areas as well. People suffering from chronic pain, head injuries, or sports related injuries benefited from this practice which involves massage therapies that mimic wave-like movements and pumping techniques designed to relieve tight and swollen muscles while relieving the swelling that accompanies injuries and chronic conditions.

What is Ace Massage Cupping?

You may have seen perfectly symmetrical bruises along the shoulders and backs of your favorite Olympic swimmer and wondered what kind of injury had caused those, when in fact, those are the results of cupping. Ace Massage Cupping uses a small vacuum and suction cups of various sizes and widths to loosen up tight muscles and improve blood flow as it drains and releases toxins from the body.

The Course

Used together, Lymphatic Balancing and Ace Massage Cupping can help your patients find relief and comfort from the problems that ail them, as well as help improve sports performance in athletes. This course is designed to give licensed physical therapists in Arizona a greater understanding of the lymphatic systems and how it affects sports performance and quality of life while also learning how cupping therapy can help their patients. The class costs $550 and has also been approved by the AzPTA for 34 continuing competence contact hours. Participants just need to provide their own cupping supplies; we provide everything else.

The Center for Athletic Performance is Dedicated to Providing Quality Continuing Education

If you are an Arizona physical therapist needing to earn more CE hours, check out our website for registration for this intensive course and discover how these skills can help you in your physical therapy practice.