Arizona is known for its beautiful deserts and lots of hiking trails that are perfect for all fitness levels. However, the summer season brings oppressive heat that consistently stays in the triple digits and can even reach up to 120+ degrees! Although it may be a “dry heat,” these temperatures can still be dangerous. If you still want to enjoy the outdoors, follow these five tips to stay safe in the Arizona summer heat.

Avoid the Outdoors During the Heat of the Day

During the summer in Arizona, it is hot pretty much all the time. However, from 10am to 2pm is when the temperatures rise to their highest. It is important to remain indoors during these hours as much as possible. Plan your hike or outdoor run during the early morning hours, when it is the coolest out, and you will avoid injury.

Wear Sunscreen and Proper Attire

The sunny year-round weather makes Arizona such an amazing place for people who love the outdoors, but it does mean that the sun can be oppressive. Wearing a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 helps protect you from the sun, as you can get a sunburn very quickly. Also wear light colored, loose clothing to help keep you cool.

Bring Lots of Water

Even if are not planning to be outdoors for very long, it is important to bring more water than you think you will need. People are often fooled by the dry heat and think that they do not need a lot of water, but that can be a deadly mistake. Especially if you are hiking an unfamiliar trail or going outdoors alone, one wrong turn can mean several more hours in the sun, and you want to be prepared.

Listen to Your Body

Knowing the signs of heat stroke and listening to your body can save your life. If you are outdoors and experience any symptoms of heat stroke, stop immediately. Find shade, drink water, and call for help. The signs of heat stroke include, but are not limited to: muscle spasms or cramps, cold sweat, extreme fatigue, flushed cheeks, nausea, dizziness, confusion, and rapid weak pulse.

Stay Indoors When Necessary

You may want to head outdoors every day of the summer, but sometimes it is truly best to simply stay indoors. On days when there is a heat advisory or heat warning, it can be dangerous to be outdoors. To avoid injury, stay inside on these days and plan your outdoor adventure for another time.
Enjoy the outdoors in the Arizona summer in a safe way by following these five tips for training in the heat!