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It is a common notion to assume that people are as fast as they are and there is nothing they can do about it. While it is true that some people are more genetically favored to be faster, there are certainly many ways that anyone can greatly improve the speed at which they run; they simply need to heed a few easy-to-follow tips that are sure to make a regular sprinter out of anyone!

Run Every Day

As with anything, the only way to get better at running is by doing it often. Running every day is essential in trying to improve your speed, as it builds muscle memory, which reduces the mental effort necessary to do the action. In particular, you should be doing short sprints every day. This is so important because it greatly increases the explosiveness of the muscles that you use for running, relating to greater speed.

Strengthen Your Core

While many people think of strengthening their core as a way of reducing risk of injury, it actually goes a long way in increasing speed. By having a stronger core, you reduce the loss of energy that occurs in moving joints all across your body while running. Reducing the risk of injury is an added bonus!


It is never a bad idea to stretch in order to increase the efficiency with which your body performs any activity. This is especially true with running—an activity that employs countless muscles in the body. Every day, you should stretch areas of your lower and upper body. In particular, stretching your hip flexors goes a long way in increasing the length and ease of your stride, thus increasing your speed.

Work on Your Form

Proper technique is the most important facet to increasing your running speed. There are many aspects to good form when running, like maintaining an upright posture in your upper body while staying relaxed. You should also focus on striking the ground with the middle of your foot directly below your hips and swinging your arms back and forth.

Count Steps

Strides per minute is actually a very important metric when trying to improve your speed. For optimal speed, you should be keeping your feet close to the ground between short steps. The sweet-spot is 180 steps per minute, so count your steps while running and try to find steps per minute around that number.
There are countless ways to improve your running speed, but these are some of the most fundamental of the tips that you will come across. At the end of the day, you should just have fun with it and try not to become frustrated when you do not get the immediate results that you want. Keep at it and you will be just fine!