two ladies stretch with reflections and shadows

The groin is a crucial muscle group for a wide variety of exercises and things we do every day. It is easy to take this essential part of the body for granted, but nothing brings your attention to its importance like a groin strain. The good news is there are so many simple ways that you can strengthen this area and greatly reduce the likelihood of sustaining any type of injury here. The following are some things you should keep in mind when trying to avoid straining your groin.

Short Abductor Stretch (Butterflies)

This is one of the best and most simple stretches for loosening the short groin muscles and reduce the risk of straining them. In order to perform this stretch, you should sit and put the soles of your feet together with your knees bent. By simply sitting in this position, you should feel a slight stretch in the interior of your groin. In order to get a deeper stretch, slowly bend your torso over your feet towards the ground. Find a point in your bend, where you feel a nice stretch and hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat this five times. If you feel any pain, then stop and reduce the intensity of your stretch.

Straight Leg Raise

This exercise goes a long way in strengthening the groin area. Start by laying down with your feet rotated outwards. Slowly lift one leg about six inches off the ground, then move the raised leg outwards keeping your leg straight. Return to the middle and then slowly return the leg to the ground. Alternate each leg for about 10 reps each.

Increase Intensity of Workouts Gradually

One of the most common reasons for a groin injury is by increasing the intensity of your workouts too rapidly. This can be hard to avoid as we all want to see quick gains in our exercise, but the fastest way to reduce your gains is to injure yourself. So make sure you slowly increase reps and intensity of whatever physical activity you are doing. If you feel excessive strain or any pain at all, this is your body telling you to slow down. Set reasonable goals for yourself.
The groin is often overlooked in many of our training regiments. But strengthening this muscle group goes a long way strengthening the body overall, and avoiding injuries of all types. Start small and establish a good stretching and strengthening regiment for this muscle group, and you will quickly be able to tell the difference in your everyday life.