Top Soccer Exercises

Best soccer workoutsWhile soccer hasn’t always been a favored sport of Americans, as youth soccer clubs have started springing up over the years, it has rapidly been gaining in popularity. As its popularity grows, the need for specific soccer workouts has increased as well. Speed, strength, stamina, and agility are all factors that need to be addressed for players in this sport. Read on to learn more about the best soccer workouts to include in your very own soccer training program.


Core strength is developed by the basics, and no work out is more basic than the simple push-up. Lie on the floor with your weight on your toes and your hands, place your arms at your shoulders and press up, keeping your back straight.

Depth Jumps

All plyometric exercises are designed to help with speed and agility, and depth jumps are just one part of a plyometric drill. Starting on a box that is at least 20 inches high, you are going to step down off the box, jumping back up as high and explosively as you can as soon as you touch the ground, minimizing ground contact and avoiding sinking into a deep squat before exploding upwards. This is an advanced plyometric drill, so be sure to undertake under supervision.


Flexibility is just as important as agility, and nothing keeps you more flexible than a really good stretch. Because soccer player’s best tools are their legs, an IT band stretch can be crucial to staying flexible and avoiding injury. Begin by standing and facing a wall. Place both hands on the wall and cross your legs with one leg ahead of the other and then move your hips in the opposite direction of your leading leg. For example, if your right leg is leading, you’re going to move your hips to the left. Hold this pose for 2 seconds and then switch legs.

Interval Training

Endurance is key, and interval training builds up cardiovascular strength in ways standard exercises of running or walking just may not do. Shuttle runs are a good example of interval training. Start at the goal line and run to the 6-yard line and back to the goal as fast you can. Rest for about 15 seconds then run to the 18-yard line and back as fast as you can. Rest again and sprint to the midfield line and back. After this rest you will run to the 18-yard line, and again the 6-yard line. This is considered 1 rep and you should continue for at least 5 reps.

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