Top Reasons to Get Orthotics

You might have heard of “foot orthoses” before; they’re a special kind of orthotics, which include all sorts of beneficial devices or supports, including shoe inserts, braces, specialized shoes, heel wedges, and more—basically anything that is added to the foot area. They may look and feel clunky, but they’re just as important for recovery as physical therapy. What exactly makes orthotics so important is multi-faceted.

What They Do for You

You’d be amazed at all the benefits of orthotics. They can help provide support for a weakened part of the body, either by adding support directly or by helping to shift the load of that body part to other areas. This, in turn, reduces pain with no need for drugs! They also help stabilize gait while walking, improving mobility. They can also be used to treat deformities such as hammer toes and claw toes.

Orthotics Help Recovery from Many Injuries, Accidents, and Conditions

Have you got shin splints from playing too hard? Orthotics can help you with some of those symptoms. Have bad shoes or just bad luck given you plantar fasciitis? Orthotics can help you deal with that. Has a spinal injury or stroke severely hampered your ability to walk? Once again, orthotics to the rescue! From arthritis to IT band syndrome, many sorts of musculoskeletal problems can be addressed by the corrective and/or supportive nature of orthotics. That’s why, no matter what kind of foot or knee injury you’ve had, you’ve probably heard of them.

Lower-Limb Injuries Extend Beyond the Foot

Even if the problem seems minor, issues with knees, ankles, or feet can cause issues in the rest of the body. They can change way your hips carry your upper-body while you walk, or your ability to balance when you stand. If you don’t address one condition or injury correctly, you may have more problems further down the road.

Orthotics are Individually Designed to Help You

The way you move, whether it’s your gait or your golf swing, is unique to you. It’s for this reason that it’s important to have an orthotic properly prescribed for you. At Rebuilding Champions, our therapists look at how you use your body to make sure the foot orthosis is perfect for you.

Have Us Help You!

If your doctor recommended orthotics, or you think they may help you, call us today to set up an appointment. We’ll see how these can help you move your best. We’ll even help you get the device covered by your insurance if possible!