Top Reasons to Finish Your Doctor Prescribed Physical Therapy

Sustaining an injury is part of life; it is something that is not necessarily controllable. What is controllable is a patient’s reaction to the injury and the steps taken to assist with recovery. Doctor prescribed physical therapy is an essential part of this recovery. While the process can be frustrating and excruciatingly long, it is extremely important to stick to a plan.

The Benefits of Finishing

With any physical therapy program, it is important to remember that healing an injury takes time. One must maintain consistent duration to allow for subsequent healing. It is a therapist’s goal to help one progress at a rapid rate. However, they must take into consideration the extremity and the bodies healing process.
There is no set time frame for an injury to heal; the patient must realize that each body and/or injury is unique and must be treated so. Skilled therapists are trained to evaluate each injury and base a treatment plan off a doctor’s recommendation and their own expertise. With each plan, the patients are encouraged to finish treatment through its entirety to help ensure positive end results. Patients who discontinue treatment earlier than prescribed are more likely to reinjure or never fully heal. Regardless of the time frame, successfully finishing treatment is highly encouraged and will help ensure full recovery.

Additional Risks Resulting in Unfinished Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be extremely taxing on one’s body; pushing your body to physical limitations can deter one from continuing, let alone finishing, any program. However, pulling out of skilled physical therapy can result in further injury. Early discontinuation can result in a hindrance to body motions, difficulty with movement, as well as continued pain. With such limitations, patients are subjected to poor life quality. Therefore, it is highly recommended to finish treatment to acquire life-changing health improvements post injury.