Top News Stories at This Year’s Olympics

This year’s Olympics have been full of victories, stories of hard work, determination, perseverance, team work, and even defeat. Years of striving have lead to amazing stories from hundreds of athletes who have been competing with others from all over the world to make their dreams of a medal come true. Here are some of this year’s Olympic highlights:

Allyson Felix and Shaunae Miller

Bahamas’ Shaunae Miller thrusts her body over the finish line in a desperate dive to win the gold just a hairline ahead of the United States’ own Allyson Felix during the women’s 400-meter final. Miller reports that her fall was unintentional and that it was simply the result of her legs giving out at the very end of the race, but whether the move was intentional or not, it won her the gold.

Anita Wlodarczyk

A world record hammer throw was brought about by the hard work of Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland who achieved the 82.29-meter hammer throw on August 15th.

Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin

Good sportsmanship is still shining bright at this year’s Olympic games, and Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin showed us all how it’s done when the two ladies collided with one another during the women’s 5000m run and helped each other up and toward the finish line.

He Zi and Qin Kai

China’s silver medalist He Zi not only received a bright and shiny medal during the podium ceremony on August 14th for women’s diving 3m completion, but also a shiny engagement ring, as her boyfriend Qin Kai proposed during the ceremony and she accepted.

Jemima Jelagat Sumgong

The first Kenyan to win the women’s marathon event is Jemima Jelagat Sumgong.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles sticks her landing in the Women’s Vault Final, and her near perfect routine wins her a third gold medal during her time in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps swims his last race since announcing his retirement just hours prior. He also celebrates winning the gold medal in the men’s 200-meter individual medley during the swimming competitions.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony passed LeBron James as the United States’ all-time leading scorer while competing in the USA’s game against Australia.

U.S. Gymnastics

The “Final Five” women of the USA’s gymnastics team proudly take home the gold after their team final on August 9th, 2016.