Top Golf Exercises

Top golf exercisesStamina is an important factor for golfers; being able to spend an entire day walking takes a little more effort than most people give credit for, all while carrying their own clubs and perfecting the perfect swing. While power and bulk could be detrimental, attention must be paid to the lower back and core area during a workout. Developing a golf training program with the right exercises can help you improve your game. Read on to see some of the best golf workouts to keep you going strong on the course!

Medicine Ball Rotation Slams

The swing is the thing in golf, and this exercise targets the major body areas involved in a swing: the core, rotation of the hips, and upper body coordination in preparation for the downward angle of the swing. Using a lighter medicine ball if this is your first time, start as you would for a golf swing, standing with your feet about shoulder width apart. Lift the ball overhead, rotate your hips and slam the ball down on the ground so it bounces towards a preselected target. Picture yourself squashing a bug with your back foot; it helps to bring your hips through and give you the correct exaggerated bend of your back knee.

Mini-Band Walks

This simple exercise helps with the walk and the swing as it creates a stable base for your core and strengthens the glutes at the same time. You will need two mini bands for this workout, one placed above both knees and one placed around both ankles. Now walk forward, using small steps with your knees bent and alternating the drive back of your elbows with each step. Form is important with this workout, so remember to keep your back straight and your knees over your toes.

World’s Greatest Stretch

In a hurry and go world, we often forget the importance of a really good stretch. Loosening and lengthening the muscles helps make movement easier on the course. This specific stretch reaches nearly every muscle used in golf. Begin by standing with your back straight and your arms to the side and then step forward into a lunge with your right foot. Place your left hand on the ground and your right elbow to the inside of your right foot and hold for 2 seconds. Rotate your right arm and chest to the sky as far as you can and hold this pose for 2 seconds. Take your elbow back and down towards your instep and reach through to the opposite side. Finally, place your right hand outside your right foot and repeat. Form is important here so remember to keep your back knee off the ground and to squeeze your glutes as you perform this stretch.

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