Top Exercises for Your Back

When working out, we may have a tendency to only exercise those body parts we see the most results from: the legs, the arms, and the stomach. We want those muscles to pop, we want that six-pack, and we enjoy the attention we get from others when they see all our hard work. The other areas, especially the back, get ignored, and we put ourselves at a disadvantage.
You may not see the results, but if you have ever thrown your back out, you understand the importance of a strong and healthy back. The Center for Athletic Performance and Physical Therapy works with the entire athlete, and we have compiled this list of top exercises for your back to ensure you walk away strong, whole, and injury free.

Kneeling Extensions

While creating the perfect back does involve muscle building, this strengthening exercise will help to ensure no injuries occur as you grow. Needing no tools, kneeling extensions can be done at home, even on the busiest mornings, and will help build that important core strength.

Dead Lift

This exercise can cause the most damage if done incorrectly, but can offer the best strengthening and muscle building results when done right. Remember the importance of form, keeping your feet hip-length apart, and starting with lower reps. As you grow stronger, you can move up in weight and will see a greater difference.

Plank Hold

Planking isn’t just a fad performed and photographed for the amusement of others; the lower back is the area that gives many of us the most trouble, so this strengthening exercise targets the area to help keep it free from injury. Remember to keep your backside at the same height as your shoulders for this exercise to work correctly.


Simple and clean, the chin-up works most of the muscles in your back, including the largest one, the latissimus dorsi, which is also the one that is the most visible. This back exercise has been the most dreaded among school children for centuries, but is also the most effective.

Alternating Dumbbell Row

In addition to creating muscular arms and shoulders, the alternating dumbbell row works the trapezius and the rhomboids and is a perfect workout to create mass in the upper and middle back.

So Many Ways

It’s impossible to list all the different exercises that help create a strong and muscular back without writing a book; schedule an appointment with us today and let us build the perfect back together!