red potatoes, garlic, thyme and olive oil

It is widely known that vegetables are vital to a healthy diet by providing clean nutrients and energy. However, many people still wonder what specific foods to eat to lead a healthier lifestyle. While the list of healthy foods is endless, there are a few key foods that will help maintain great health. The following five foods are some of the best to eat.


Garlic provides countless health benefits. It contains potent antioxidants to make it effective in reducing cholesterol as well as regulating blood pressure and blood sugar. Additionally, garlic helps to boost immune function. Garlic can be added to practically any dish to easily benefit from all of the positive health affects.


Avocados help greatly to prevent heart disease by lowering the “bad” cholesterol levels while boosting the levels of beneficial cholesterol in the body. It also provides the added benefit of being delicious!


Quinoa is a seed that provides some of the greatest health benefits of any food. For starters, it packs immense protein and is gluten-free. It helps to add healthy fiber to a diet, which aides the function of the body in nearly every facet.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great part of a healthy diet because it can be added nearly any dish. The body benefits from high concentrations of healthy fats and antioxidants.


While technically not a food, a periodic glass of wine can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. A glass of red wine contains many antioxidants that greatly reduce the risk for coronary disease. This does need to be in moderation, as excessive alcohol is detrimental to living a healthy lifestyle.
Everything in life is about moderation and balance. Building a diet solely on the five items above is not ideal, and it is okay to indulge in less healthy foods occasionally. Implementing these foods into a diet will go a long way to aide a long and healthy life.