HolidayWeightGainMeme21By Kasey Bowser
And so the holiday season begins. Temptations have already set in with Halloween candy and next will be pumpkin pies, stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes. And then there’s never-ending Christmas cookies, candies, truffles, candy canes and list will go on and on…To top it off, there’s New Year’s; where the celebrations have bottomless Champagne and drinks and delicious food to kick off your new year.
Was it worth it all, now that your pants no longer fit you? We didn’t think so. To help you avoid this from even happening in the first place, below are some tips to avoid gaining holiday weight.
*Portion Control – eat one cookie instead of two. Don’t “taste” so much while you cook also.
*Don’t show up starving – eat something nutritious before you head to a party and drink a full glass of water if you show up hungry.
average-holiday-season1*Limit alcohol intake – this will help you avoid packing on the calories and will help you control how much you eat.
*Bring a healthy desert with you to a party – eat that instead of the other tempting deserts.
*Go for family walks – since it’s so nice out in Arizona, go for walks before and after meals with the family. Check out the Christmas lights while you’re out. Main thing is to get everyone off the couch.
*Exercise regularly – don’t forget to be active at least 3-4 times a week. This will help burn the holiday calories.
For more tips on how to avoid gaining holiday weight, contact your closest facility and speak to a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.