Best-Hand-Gripper-ExercisesWhen most people go to the gym for “arm day”, they usually concentrate on biceps, triceps and shoulders. A lot of people forget to workout one very important and crucial muscle that we use all the time…our forearms.
In some sports, such as gymnastics, baseball, football, rock climbing, golf and tennis, your grip strength is essential to be successful. Not to mention daily and routine activities like opening jars, using tools to fix things around the house and picking up things that require a lot of grip strength, such as weights at the gym.
Here are three simple exercises to help improve your grip strength:
1. Invest in a “trainer” or “#1” level gripper. You can adjust the levels of difficulty. Try doing as many squeezes as you can in three sets. Rest one minute in between sets.
hex-dumb-hold-female2. Hex Dumbbell Holds. Hold the bottoms of dumbbells as long as you can. Rest one minute and repeat three times. You can pick the weight. Make sure it’s a heavy weight.
3. Fill up a five-gallon bucket with rice. 1. Repeatedly grab the rice at the surface of the bucket for 30 seconds. 2. Same as above, but using a pinch grip (not using your palm). 3. Dig deep to the bottom and dig your way out.