Arizona Sports Team Training Exercises


Spectator sports, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and especially football, are extremely popular in the U.S.  Professional athletes compete for fame, fortune, and victory in the championships on T.V.’s across the country daily.  The very best athletes have perfectly honed their minds and bodies to compete – but they aren’t alone.  The most popular sports in the world all share one common theme: teamwork.

Sports teams are like living entities – they have underlying personalities, quirks, and die-hard fans behind them.  Teammates practice together, travel together, play together – team chemistry is tantamount.  If you’re part of a team looking to improve together, team training exercises at The Center For Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy may be just what you need!

 Unique Team Training Experience

Top notch Arizona sports training starts at the Center.  Team training programs at the Center allow clubs and teams to take full advantage of our unique Agility Balance Speed Strength Stamina (ABSSS) program. The ABSSS program is:

  • A tool for teams and clubs to minimize injuries and maximize participation with the overall intention to improve athletic abilities
  • A program that utilizes full team sessions at the Center or at your fields
  • Designed specifically for your club or team

 ABSSS At Work

To begin the ABSSS program, our sports training professionals will first evaluate the team’s current training program using functional, sport specific testing.  Oftentimes, teams are already doing some of the things they need to succeed, they just require tweaking to maximize the effectiveness.  This analysis includes a focus on reducing injury patterns.  Next up is the development of new team training goals and programs based on our analysis.

Once we build a functional base, it’s time for implementation.  We coordinate practice conditioning for integration into club, team or coach’s practice sessions, and organize a season periodization/peaking plan.  Additionally, we allow you to utilize our athletic trainers for injury assessments at practice, game or

tournaments – we’re with you every step of the way!

 Training For All Ages

At the Center, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in team training exercises, no matter the age group.  Phoenix youth sports teams, as well as older, more competitive club groups, are always welcomed with open arms.  If you play a team sport, and you want to improve your team’s performance and chemistry, you belong here!  For more information about the ABSSS program, contact Don Jupp at or 480-585-6810.