Sparks VolleyballThis March, we’ve selected the Sparks Volleyball U-17 Team as our Team of the Month. Chris McGovern, Sports Performance Director at our Arrowhead location, works closely with this team in developing strength, speed and agility to help them improve.
“Chris has made them much stronger,” Coach Terry Sutter said. “As they have gotten stronger I believe that they have also gotten much more confident. They are more committed than ever to improve their game.”
The majority of the team has been together for three years and from the start, Coach Terry committed to creating a safe, respectful and fun environment for the players to enjoy their teammates and this great game.
The Sparks Club U-17 team has moved into the Open Division of the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball so far this season. This is offering the best possible competition this state has to offer. The girls have accepted the challenge and are improving every day.
“What drives them to play is the team itself,” Coach Terry Sutter said. “They have a bond that is just so strong and they play for and with each other wholly. They practice three times a week, play tournaments at least twice a month for seven months and still dread the time away from each other during their High School seasons.”
Coach Terry said that his team has taught him when to support, when to discipline, when to talk, when to listen, the understanding of the power of the group vs. the weaknesses of individuals and how to be a better coach overall. He said he’s also been very blessed with a great group of parents who have taught him what love and support is supposed to look like.