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When summer rolls around and the temperatures climb higher and higher, it can be difficult to keep cool.  You might want to spend all day inside with a fan pointed directly at you and a cold drink in hand.  But for young kids, summer is the time they look forward to the most.  School is out and they want to take advantage; for them, it’s time to spend all day playing, and a little heat isn’t going to get in their way!
Swimming is a favorite summertime activity for many kids.  Nothing feels better than diving headlong into the cool water of a backyard pool, and every kid has a blast splashing everyone with cannon ball jumps.  But swimming doesn’t just have to be a recreational activity; many young people are discovering the charms of organized swimming.  Below, we discuss the many benefits that youths can experience from competitive swimming.

Exercise in a Fun Way

The most obvious benefit to organized swimming is the exercise it provides.  Swimming is a strenuous, full body workout that provides a myriad of health benefits.  As an alternative to running, swimming provides a great cardio workout while simultaneously being low impact – saving your joints from damage.  Additionally, swimming builds strength and tone in nearly every muscle across the body, including in your legs, arms, back, core, and chest.
It’s of utmost importance that young boys and girls get regular exercise, and when it is fun for them, they are more likely to want to continue.  Organized swimming takes the simple pleasure of splashing around in the water and channels it into a competitive drive to improve.  Swimming isn’t about exercising, it’s about fighting the cool waters and winning, and exercise happens naturally.

Improve Self-Confidence

One of the most important aspects to focus on for developing and improving a child’s psychological health is self-confidence.  When we feel confidant, it seems like nothing can stand in our way and we can accomplish anything we attempt.  Competition is a healthy way to build self-confidence, and swimming is even better at it than most sports.  Swimming is an individual sport, and while you’re competing against the other competitors in the water with you, the real battle is against yourself.
Individual improvements are immediately rewarded in swimming, as athletes will see an improvement in their times.  Youth athletes will feel proud of their accomplishments each time they climb from the water to be greeted by a new personal best, and the ultimate goal of winning 1st place in a swim meet will drive them to be the best that they can be.

More to Swimming Than Just Water

Of course, there are more benefits to swimming besides exercise and boosting confidence.  Swim teams are a great place for young people to make friends and build camaraderie with other kids their age, and studies have shown that team environments are very beneficial to development.  If your child is interested is athletically minded, or looking for a fun and healthy activity, talk to them about organized swimming.  They may just find a new passion!