For most individuals, stretching is a mundane activity that comes in either the beginning or the end of a workout. In reality, female-static-stretching1stretching is one of the most vital parts of every workout, not only maximizing flexibility and range of motion, but preventing injury as well. But what many individuals fail to understand is that there are two types of stretching, Static and Dynamic.
Static stretching involves reaching forward to a point of tension and holding the stretch. In this form of stretching there is often little mobility involved. However, recent studies are proving that although static stretching may improve flexibility, it lacks in injury prevention. What more physical trainers, coaches and performance professionals across the world are turning to is dynamic stretching.
Dynamic stretching consists of functional based exercises, which use sport-specific movements to prepare the body for movement. During dynamic stretching, an individual actively engages in a series of controlled leg and arm swings that take you to the limits of your range of motion. As the individual continues to progress through a dynamic warm up, the muscles memorize these specific movements and better prepare the individual for the upcoming exercise.
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