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Our sport-specific individualized programming is designed specifically for athletes preparing for the upcoming season, gaining an advantage in the off-season and keeping their skills sharp during the season. Our programs push athletes hard and make them faster, stronger and more agile than they ever thought possible.


The Center offers sport-specific programs for every sport such as:

Football – Increase speed and explosiveness off the line, build tackling and blocking strength, improve balance and agility, and reduce the likelihood of injury

Baseball / Softball – Increase bat speed, perfect technique, build arm strength, refine speed and agility, reduce chance of injury

Basketball – Improve vertical, increase quickness in transition, increase speed up and down the court, build strength and power, and reduce risk of injury

Hockey – Cover the rink faster, improve shot speed, perfect movement techniques, build strength, and reduce risk of injury

Golf – Increase swing speed and power, improve flexibility and balance, maximize stability, and reduce risk of injury

Soccer – Improve stamina to last all game, increase agility and balance, build power and explosiveness, and reduce risk of injury.

Volleyball – Increase vertical to dominate the net, improve agility, build strength and stamina, and reduce risk of injury.

Swimming – Build stamina, improve power as well as arm and leg strength, perfect stroke techniques, and reduce risk of injury

Our fitness experts are ready and waiting to build a fitness plan around your individual needs no matter what the sport.


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