The last time I went to a local gym I stopped and noticed that not many people train in 3D. The average gym rat trains in 2D or only the body parts that they like to see such as chest and arms. What is 3D training you may be asking? Well it is what our bodies were naturally made to do. The body was made to push, pull and rotate. The question I will always ask all my new clients before they train with me is, “what type of training did you do before came to me?” The majority will answer with something like “I normally do chest and Tri’s on Monday and Legs the next.” This drives me crazy because at no point in time does our body use one muscle group at a time so why do people continue to train this way? When we write programs for our clients we like to categorize our exercise as movements rather than muscle groups. For example: Horizontal Push – Push or Bench Press Horizontal Pull- Inverted Row Vertical Push – Over head Press Vertical Pull – Chin or Pull up Knee Dominate – Squat Hip Dominate – Dead Lift (Bent knee or Straight) Rotational – Cable Push /Pull By understanding this we know that within one full workout week we will have hit as many movements as possible rather than muscle groups which will result in a well-rounded program for our athletes and clients. So Remember the next time you head off to the gym think total body aka “3D” and know that for every press that you do, you need to do an equal amount of pulling. Roy Holmes, CSCS