By Kasey Bowser
We’ve collaborated and found some of the most random sports facts even the biggest sports fan wouldn’t know. Did you already know any of these?
1. NFL referees also get a Super Bowl ring. They’re not as extravagant as the players get, but any ref that officiated the Super Bowl, gets a nice piece of bling.
Tunney with superbowl rings and footballs
2. Cleveland Indians pitcher, Ray Caldwell, pitched a complete game against the Philadelphia A’s in 1919, after he was struck by lightning in the middle of the ninth inning. Now that’s shocking!!!
3. Some Japanese golfers carry “hole-in-one” insurance. If you make a hole-in-one in Japan, you’re required to spend a lot of money on lavish gifts for your friends. The golfers spend $65 a year to get $3500 in coverage.
4. The Bears, Browns, Giants, Lions, Packers and Steelers are the six NFL franchises without a cheerleading squad, and have won five of the last nine Super Bowls.
5. In 1946, former welterweight boxer Aurele “Al” Couture knocked out competitor, Ralph Walton, in just 10.5 seconds – fastest recorded knockout in history. In Walton’s defense, he was distracted by his corner man, which wouldn’t have counted today.
6. The center court jump ball in basketball was done after every shot made in basketball until 1936.
7. Due to WWII, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers formed one team in 1943 called the “Steagles”.
Gold-Medal-of-Sochi-2014-Olympics-Wallpaper8. The Olympic Gold Medal is made out of 93 percent silver, 6 percent copper and the rest is actual gold.
9. The word “Soccer” comes from the abbreviation for association or “assoc”, as in Football Association. It started out as a slang term in the 1800s, and according to the Online Etymology Dictionary, it began as “socca,” then morphed into “socker,” and finally into “soccer.”
10. There has never once been a perfect March Madness bracket. You have a one in a 9.2 quintillion chance of accomplishing that.
11. The ’72 Champion Boston Bruins Are Misspelled on the Stanley Cup.
12. Tug-of-War was an Olympic sport from 1900-1920. They should bring that back.
TheBigChillattheBigHouse13. In 2011, “The Big Chill”, also known as the Michigan vs. Michigan State hockey game, was held at U of M’s football stadium known as “The Big House”. This game brought in an attendance of 113,411 – the biggest crowd to ever watch a hockey game.
14. Ricky Henderson never cashed his first million dollar check from the Oakland A’s. He framed and hung it up instead.
15.  The first Boston Marathon in 1897 had only 15 runners. Today, it has more than 20,000.