Plyo-IIDrew Bohannan, Director of Sports Performance at Cave Creek, recently wrote an article for on how to improve your plyometrics. Below are a few tips from the article. 
If you work with a coach or a trainer, you’ve probably heard the term “plyometrics.” Also known as “jump training,” plyometrics are quick, intense resistance exercises that develop power and explosiveness in the muscles.
Mastering the landing is an important part of getting accustomed to these drills. Here are some tips to get you started.
1. Practice the correct landing position.
2. Start with a small number of plyometrics landing drills and work your way up.
3. Try your landings without jumping at first.
4. Hold the landing position for at least 10 reps of five seconds before you move on to more intense drills.
5. Work your way up with a slow progression.
Read the full article for details on how to conquer each tip.