Our licensed, and board certified, physical therapists treat acute, chronic, post-surgical and sports and/or work-related injuries. With over a decade of experience, there is almost no injury that our staff has not seen or worked on.

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We begin seeing patients as early as 7am and as late as 6pm, Monday-Friday. We believe in keeping continuity with each patient, maintaining a strong PT-patient relationship with the same therapist initially evaluating the individual and progressing them through to discharge. New patients are accepted every day.

Features of our Physical Therapy Program

• Assessment and correction of athletic mechanics

• Gait/running mechanics

Orthotic Fitting

• Sport and position specific rehabilitation

• Athletic injury evaluation and rehabilitation

• Post-surgical Rehab and Pre-surgery “Prehab”

• After care preventative programs

• Digital bio mechanical analysis

General Orthopedics

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After our patients finish PT we encourage them to graduate into our F.I.T. program so that they can continue to progress in a safe, supervised and comfortable environment.

Please contact our office to verify benefits, schedule an initial evaluation and get back to work, back in the game and back to being you.