Sports PT
Cold weather training
Just because the winter months have rolled around it shouldn’t end your outdoor workouts…follow these key strategies to perform the best you can. Christopher Maguire, DPT >Read Entire Article
2008-9 The year of the ACL
In 2008 two of sports biggest athletes suffered from an ACL tear. Tiger Woods(winner of 14 of golf’s major championships) and Tom Brady(Quarterback of the New England Patriots and two-time Super Bowl MVP) both had an ACL tear that ended their season in 2008….Brian Schwallier, PT, CSCS >Read Entire Article
Pediatric PT
Pediatric Coordination Development
ATTENTION Parents!!!
Did you play pro football, stand out as a college basketball star or gracefully dance and tumble as a gymnast? Yet your child can’t seem to walk a straight line without tripping over his/her own foot? Before you sign your child up for private coaching lessons, read on….
>Read Entire Article
Pediatric overuse in sports
50% of all injuries seen in pediatric sports medicine are related to overuse…Kristin Sibilia, PT >Read Entire Article
“My physical therapist, at the Center, helped me on my way to recovery. They made sure every need was taken care of, every step of the way!! The environment is very well constructed, clean, and most importantly, friendly! I would recommend The Center to any athlete who requires an extra boost to recover…and for professional therapists who care about you!!”
Nick Alvarez, WR/DB
Chaparral High School >Read Entire Article
Joint Replacement
Total Shoulder Replacement
The primary purpose of the total shoulder replacement is to relieve pain… >Read Entire Article
Orthotics Article 1
Are orthotics for ME?? >Read Entire Article
General Orthopedic
Back Pain: A common occurance…
If you are troubled with back pain, you are far from alone…. >Read Entire Article
What is orthopedic PT??
Physical therapy can help people return to their regular activities by decreasing pain, increasing range of motion and flexibility, improving strength and educating the patient… >Read Entire Article
Physical Therapy- Women’s Health
Physical therapy can play a big role in the health and wellness of women at any age. >Read Entire Article