We all know the reasons why we should exercise regularly.; it helps us stay thin, healthy, and extends our life while helping to avoid common age related diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. We get the why, but quite frankly, exercise can be boring! Humans require short term gratification, something not often available in the get up at 5, head to the gym, work out for an hour, and then head off to work routine. Our days are long enough as it is, who wants to get up early to do the same thing day after day after day? The problem is, most of us are just not doing it right, and our Center for Athletic Performance offers Adult Fitness Classes to help you learn how to get the most out of your daily exercise routine while staying interested and engaged!

What Can You Expect from Our Classes?

Our sports performance coaches take a personal interest in making sure you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. They want you to succeed and as such, the individualized program they set up for you will make working out fun! Keeping the fun in the workout is the first step in keeping you healthy; keeping you safe and injury free is the second step.
We’ve all seen memes on social network sites showing gym members using equipment incorrectly and giggled accordingly, but the serious fact is what they are doing is dangerous and potentially harmful. Our coaches will train you to make sure you doing it the right way. Injuries are painful, counter-effective to your fitness goals, and are absolutely no fun!
And finally, when you participate in one of our adult fitness classes, the workouts are made that much easier because you are no longer alone! You are in classes with other people who are looking to improve their fitness and have many of the same goals you do. Some journeys are made easier when shared; exercise is one of those journeys!

The Center for Athletic Performance Has Your Best Interests at Heart

If you fail, we fail, and over the years we have discovered that the quickest way to success is to make the workouts fun. Our adult fitness classes are proof that healthy living can be fun! Our classes are held at the Scottsdale location, 8541 East Anderson Drive, Suite 100. Sign up here and put the fun back into your workout routine!