Overhead Press Tips

Tips On How to Do The Overhead Press Correctly

It’s a simple fact: in order to achieve the physical results that you want to see in your body, you have to treat it properly while exercising. This means executing exercises using the proper forms and taking the time to slow down, use less weight until you’re ready to add more, and preventing injuries by always warming up beforehand.

It also means that for each specialized technique, you’ll need to know exactly what to expect and what you need to do to work the right muscle group without hurting yourself. On that note, here are our overhead press tips.

The Correct Way to Perform an Overhead Press

Begin by standing with the barbell on the front of your shoulders. Keep your grip narrow, your wrists straight, and your forearms vertical. Lock your knees and hips while doing this.

Next, arch your upper-back and raise your chest upwards, toward the ceiling. Think of trying to touch your chin with the upper-part of your chest. Take a big breath, holding it and pressing the bar upwards in a vertical line. It should not drift in-front of you or behind you, but should be directly above your head.

Maintain a close distance to the bar as you press the weight upwards. Once the bar has passed your forehead, shift your torso forward. For proper balance, hold the barbell over your shoulders and the middle of your foot. Lock your elbows and shrug your shoulders toward the ceiling.

After each repetition, you’ll want to return the bar to your shoulders. Exhale, then return to your starting position and begin the rep all over again.

One overhead press tip to keep in mind while executing the technique: your shoulders should be doing most of the work, so if you can’t keep your knees and hips locked for the entirety of the rep, you’re using too much weight. Also, don’t bend your legs, as this prevents you from developing your shoulder muscles.

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