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The most basic concept of Sports Nutrition is providing your body with the proper fuel it requires to perform and recover as efficiently as possible. For many individuals, a balanced diet is this ever elusive principle that either because of bad habit or misinformation is never achieved. At the Center we aim to change that through our Sports Nutrition Programs.

A true Balanced Diet can best be defined as the precise mixture of the main varieties of nutriments (protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins) required to sustain healthy activity. For athletes ,this diet often contains high levels of carbs and protein to reinvigorate your body after a difficult workout.

To make finding out what to eat easy, at the Center for Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy we offer nutritional consultations with our qualified Registered Dietitians (RD) who have decades of experience in their respective field. Our Nutritional programs at The Center will help you:

• Identify positives and negatives of your current nutritional intake

• Realize your nutritional requirements for your specific lifestyle

• Developed a personalized plan built around your needs

To schedule a meeting with one of our Dietitians, please contact your local Center today.