Relieve Stress and Treat Muscles

Every day, a million things call for your attention - meetings at work, projects for school, playtime with the kids - and when you finally feel like you're done, it's time to start over again the next day. All that constant motion builds up stress in your head and body. Fortunately, at the Center For Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy, we offer residents of Phoenix massage therapy to help reduce stress and rejuvenate the body.

Relieve Stress and Treat Muscles - Massage Theraphy

Benefits of Professional Massage Therapy:

A lifetime of stress and tension builds up in our muscles, and without attention, can start causing serious medical problems as we age. Our licensed massage therapists in Scottsdale, AZ help to relax strained muscles and reduce stress on your body.

In today's interconnected society, many people spend a great deal of their day sitting at a desk in front of a computer - working or socializing - and a large amount of stress can build up in the neck and back. Massage therapists work to break down the tension caused by this and provide significant pain relief.

Massage therapy is used very effectively to combat muscle spasms and cramping. The benefits of therapy can even extend to the cardiovascular system. Proper massage therapy can stimulate blood flow, improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

Recovering From Injury

After a significant injury, especially one that required surgery, massage therapy is used to speed recovery. Increasing joint flexibility and comfort, reducing swelling, even alleviating symptoms from carpal tunnel syndrome, sports massage therapy revitalizes the body after a traumatic accident.

The Individual Touch

Whether recovering from an injury, experiencing an abnormal amount of joint or muscle pain, or just feeling a stress overload, let our massage therapy Scottsdale team knead away your tension. Call today to schedule an individual session with one of our licensed therapists.

Sports Massage Therapy

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a treatment that is given by a certified and trained medical professional in which the soft tissue of the body is manipulated such as the muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and skin by using different degrees of movements as well as pressure.


There are many different benefits from massage therapy that include reducing stress, pain, as well as muscle tension. Massage therapy help can also help with post operation aspect and the rehabilitation of the injuries.

Who is it for?

Many different types of people can benefit from massage therapy. Whether you are suffering from reoccurring muscle or joint pain, recovering from an injury, or rehabbing from a surgery, let one of our massage therapist help you get back to feeling better!