Lunge Tips

Tips for Doing Lunges Correctly

When you don’t perform an exercise like lunges using the correct form, you open yourself up to a world of hurt. Between injuries, strains, and uneven muscle development, there’s no point in risking your body for what may or may not feel “easier.” And it only gets worse with the more weight that you add to your routine.

Instead, if you take the time to do your research or seek the help of a professional physical trainer, you can not only achieve the results you desire, but you can do so in a way where your body stays healthy and energized the entire time. Read on below to learn more about the best methods for how to do lunges the right way!

How to Do Lunges the Right Way

Start by maintaining your upper body in a straight, upright position. Your shoulders should be back and relaxed, with your chin up. It helps to pick a point in front of you to stare at so that you avoid looking down. While doing this, engage your core—every single time.

Next, using one leg, step forward. You’ll want to lower your hips until both of your knees are bent, at an angle of approximately ninety degrees. Your front knee should be directly in-line above your ankle.

A common mistake that people attempting to learn how to do lunges make is to push their knee out past their ankle or toes when doing this. Keep your other knee from touching the floor as you lunge, keeping the weight balanced in your heels while pushing back up to the position you began in. Your lunge is now complete, and you can begin all over again!

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