Kids_and_sportsBy Kasey Bowser
Screaming parents, foul play, sitting on the bench, demanding coaches and the tremendous pressure to excel at sports, are reasons why youth drop out of sports at such a young age. In fact, the decrease in sports participation happens around the age of 12, which is a critical time for kids to develop self-esteem and social skills.
TrueSport Report states studies have shown that an estimated 35 percent of kids drop out of sports each year, although some might return years later.
The reasons for kids dropping out of their sport include:
*Loss of interest in the sport
*It is no longer fun
*Coach played favorites or was a poor instructor
istock_000004845744small-1*Interest in other activities
*Lack of playing time/no gain in experience
*Too much competition
*Overemphasis on winning
*Too expensive
*Family issues
*Health problems/injuries
*Not being as good as others
*Wanted to focus more on schoolwork
*Inability to participate in social activities
*Burn out
*Became shy about body appearance
The list can go on and on. The main reason is that the sport is no longer fun – plain and simple. To prevent loss of interest, parents and coaches need to make sure there isn’t so much pressure on our youth to be amazing at their sport at such a young age.
85393475Playtime should be fair, and most importantly, your kid should be having fun. That’s what it’s all about, right? Because once the fun is lost, the passion and motivation are gone and they are simply playing because the parent or coach pressures them to, leading to burn out and resentment.