Free Injury Screenings at all Five Locations!

The Center for Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy is pleased to offer patients free injury screenings at each of our Arizona locations. If you've been experiencing recurring or unrelenting pain, now is the time to find out what the problem is and take control of your life back.

Free Injury Screening for All Locations



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    Injury Screening - Rebuilding Champions

    Why Go to an Injury Screening?

    Every day that goes by with you in pain is a day that you're not able to enjoy the full quality of life. Instead of continuing to try and maneuver through the pain, get a professional injury screening done at our facility where you will learn more about the condition affecting your body and obtain recommendations for treatment.

    What to Expect

    Our healthcare experts will listen to your musculoskeletal concerns and assess the nature of your condition by evaluating your range of motion, strength, flexibility, and movement restrictions. This will help to determine what kind of care you should seek.

    Why Choose Our Facility?

    Our complimentary screenings help those suffering from discomfort take the first step towards pain management and healing. We have several convenient locations throughout the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas of Arizona for you to choose from and a number of licensed and certified therapists on hand who are available to answer questions. Our goal is to see you pain and injury-free so you can return to your normal routine and activities as quickly as possible.

    A free injury screening can be set up by filling out the form and providing a brief description of the injury or pain you've endured.