Hockey is a physically demanding sport that is more akin to sprinting than any other sport. The average ice hockey player only performs for fifteen to twenty minutes of the sixty-minute game. Due to shift changes and player substitutes, hockey players generally work thirty to fifty seconds at high intensity followed by several minutes of rest.
This type of physical demand needs constant maintenance both on and off the ice. At the Center for Athletic Performance and Physical Therapy, we train to keep people at top shape for hockey season. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to use our hockey training services to keep your game at the highest possible point.

Aerobic Conditioning

Having a basic aerobic capacity is an integral part of hockey. Players need to be able to work at high performance for short periods of time to do well consistently. Our programs work your aerobic skills and trains your body to be able to withstand those short burst periods required for the game.

Anaerobic Power

Along with having the stamina to work at high efficiency for short periods comes the burst and ability to accelerate quickly. This burst speed is key for hockey training. Our program works on both acceleration and stamina to make sure that you have the ability to turn on that burst of acceleration when you need it.


Hockey is an extremely reactive sport. Not only do you need to work hard and accelerate quickly, you need to be able to react on instinct. We work on players’ ability to see all aspects of the game and react to them accordingly. Players need to have these reactions down to pure instinct so that they can respond quickly thereby keeping up their performance.


Speed goes along with agility and power, but it is an underrated aspect of hockey training. Acceleration is great, but we need to make sure that we work on both hand and leg speed to fine tune your game. Speed testing and development is another key to our training program.

Injury Prevention

Due to the stress and strain a hockey player places on their body, injury prevention is a key component to our hockey program. Players need to know to rest their body and complete proper stretching, hydration, nutrition, and care for their body to keep performing at full capacity.
With these five key steps to training, our program will make sure that you stay at the top of your game!