High School Prep Program
Designed for youth athletes 11-13 years of age
Our High School Prep Program has been designed to prepare our middle school athletes for the demands that will be placed on them at the next level, high school!! With the growth that the young athlete goes through during these years, developing motor coordination skills to control their newly developing bodies is crucial. In order to prevent injury, improving ones flexibility is imperative during these growth years. Technique is crucial and heavier is not always better! First, the athlete must learn to control their bodies without any weight, and then they can be progressed into higher level activity. Knowing this, we base our program design specifically for our middle school athletes who are preparing to enter high school. With this program we will make sure that our athletes are ahead of the class when it comes time for them to shine at the high school level.
High School Prep Program Focus:
Core strength
Motor control
Running technique
Jumping and landing technique