Hanging Leg Raise Tips

Tips for Doing Hanging Leg Raises Correctly

When you try to take shortcuts with exercise, the results speak for themselves. Between unevenly developed muscles and more strains and injuries than you can count, improper exercising techniques do your body far more harm than anything.

Keep your body happy and healthy by using the right methods for exercising. Below, we’ve detailed how you should be executing the extremely toning exercise of hanging leg raises the right way; continue reading on to learn some useful information that may help prevent an unnecessary injury!

Doing Hanging Leg Raises The Right Way

You’ll need a pull-up bar in order to complete this exercise. Once you have found one, begin by grabbing the bar and hanging until all of the momentum in your body has ceased and you are absolutely still, with your legs hanging straight down.

Flex all of your muscles—in particular, your abs, lats, and the muscles surrounding your elbows. Slowly raise your feet upwards toward the bar, keeping your legs straight as you do so. Lower your legs and repeat the process to proceed to the next repetition.

Throughout the process of doing leg raises the right way, make sure that you are pacing yourself very slowly so that you are not using any momentum at all other than what comes from your muscles.

A good rule of thumb to use when you’re doing this exercise? Try timing your leg raises to a duration totaling five to eight seconds in length, and using the same amount of time when you lower your leg back to hanging position.

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