Let Us Give You A Hand

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without your hands? Unable to perform simple actions such as writing, typing, even picking up a fork - without full use of our hands, even eating a meal becomes a herculean task. If you are experiencing limited mobility in your hands/fingers, or recovering from surgery, you need the absolute best care available.

Fortunately, at the Center for Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy, our experienced hand therapist, Joalice Ryan, is here to help! Joalice has been practicing hand therapy for over 15 years and ran her own clinic in Illinois for six years. She is an expert in splinting and one of few hand specialists to have a national board certification in wound care.

Arizona Hand Surgery Recovery & Physical Therapy

Individualized Care

Our patients are provided with a one-on-one approach to hand physical therapy from the very beginning. From the moment of first evaluation, all the way to final discharge, treatment will be tailored to perfectly suit the individual issues ailing the patient. There are many different techniques in hand therapy, including but not limited to: splinting, edema control, tissue-specific exercises, physical agent modalities, sensorimotor treatments, biomechanical training for symptom management, strengthening, and home exercise programs.

Getting to Know Our Programs

Splinting - At the most basic, splinting is immobilizing an area to promote healing. Because of the remarkable maneuverability of the human hand, splints of this area are significantly more difficult to apply correctly.

Edema Control - Edema is the medical term for swelling. It can be treated through temperature control, massage, exercise, and other techniques.

Physical agent modalities - Including electrical stimulation, physical agent modalities are used in therapy to relax and prevent muscle spasms, increase circulation, and alleviate pain, among other applications.

Sensorimotor - This therapy focuses on building the connection between feeling and motion through focused application of exercise.

Strengthening & Home Exercise - Key to hand therapy is the strengthening of muscles. Custom exercises will be used to target your specific injury. Never underestimate the healing benefits of good exercise!

You Are In Good Hands

If you have been to an Arizona hand surgery center, or feel any discomfort in your hands at all, don't hesitate to call us! Our Hand Therapy program provides comprehensive treatment and treatment services in our North Scottsdale and Cave Creek locations. We are always accepting new patients!

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