Go Far with Golf Lessons at the Center for Athletics

It’s easy to love golf—it’s a straightforward game that provides continuous challenge to amateurs and experts alike. It’s meeting that challenge that inspires so many athletes to practice whenever they can. But, no matter how much you practice, you won’t improve if there’s a fundamental flaw in your technique. That’s where golf lessons come in.
At the Center for Athletic Performance, we know golf and we love golf—that’s why we love helping people reach new heights with their game. Enroll with us and you’ll not only get some great tips for form and technique, but also learn exercises that will hone your body into a club-swinging machine. It’s always golf season in Phoenix, so why wait?

Our Approach

We have a whole team of personal trainers and physical therapists dedicated to seeing your game improve. We take an individual approach, learning what you need and showing you the best way to get it. With our exercises, you’ll begin seeing improvements in power, balance, flexibility, stability, and speed. Top that all off with a strong set of foundational skills, and your game will be pushed to the next level!

The Special Touch

At the Center for Athletic Performance, we offer what other golf teachers can’t: the ability to look at your swing from the perspective of science, not just the game. We’re a team of both coaches and physical therapists, meaning you learn the swings that’ll keep you and your game on point for years to come.
Have us evaluate your golf game, and we’ll show you how to improve it to keep your game easy on your body. We’ll watch out for strains on your lower back and obliques, while also making sure you’re not too rough on your rotator cuffs or hurting your elbows. Better yet, we can address any problems you may already have from poor form, such as mobility and stability issues. We are prevention, cure, and improvement all rolled into one—what other coach can offer that?

Trusted by Experts and Amateurs Alike

Improve your game while reducing the risk of injury—sounds like a fantastic deal, doesn’t it? With our professional guidance, it’s completely possible! Hit the “Contact Us” link now in the upper-right of your browser and ask about setting up some lessons or a consultation. Like we said—it’s always golf season here!