Many baseball players take a break from their normal fitness and diet regimen during the off-season only to realize they must get their bodies back in athletic shape quickly before spring training is in full swing. If you happen to be one of them, fortunately, there are plenty of drill, exercise, and nutrition programs tailored specifically to help players like you get back on track in no time and prepare for the upcoming season. Since baseball is a full-body sport, it’s critical not to skip steps that will condition and nourish your entire body, not only to build the foundation for a great season, but also to prevent injuries from occurring. Get your body game ready with the following personal training tips.
Drills and Exercises

  • Shuffle Splits – Warm up those hips by shuffling back and forth on the balls of your feet with hands steady on your waist holding a perfect posture.
  • Burpees – Jump straight up with your arms extended over your head coming into a low squat position before kicking your feet out behind you as if you were doing a pushup. Then come back into the squat position and finish the rep with another high jump.
  • 7 Rep Squats – Get ready to feel the burn with these five squat variations to be completed in seven reps: 7 bodyweight, 7 sumo, 7 goblet, 7 hop, and 7 pulse.
  • Diamond Pushups – Place your hands in a diamond formation on the ground and assume the pushup position to work out those triceps.
  • Mountain Climbers – Get into pushup position again with one knee bent up near your elbow while the other is stretched out. Alternate bent knees as fast as you can for 30 seconds.
  • Overhead Wall Ball Throws – Increase arm strength and enhance your long distance throwing with several reps of overhead wall ball, keeping the 8-12-pound medicine ball above your head and feet spread apart.
  • Treadmill Sprints – Warm up your legs with treadmill sprints, sprinting for 15 seconds and resting for 30 twice while steadily increasing your incline and speed before each new rep.

Diet and Nutrition
Training and exercise alone won’t be enough to get your body into tip-top athletic condition. A nutritious diet is just as important as any workout regime. As a baseball player, your body needs the right kind of fuel to keep it going out on the field. Protein is essential for healthy muscles, and carbs and fats will help boost energy. Include cheese, turkey, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, and yogurt for protein, and fruits, vegetables, and whole grain breads to fulfill your carb intake. Incorporating a fluid plan into your daily training is also important to ensure you stay well-hydrated. Make it a habit to drink before, during, and after drills and workouts throughout spring training so when the season rolls around it will be easy to remember for games and practices.
The best way to prepare yourself for spring training involves combining a well-balanced diet with a mixture of high and low impact drills and exercises that will shape up your entire body. Get the most out of your baseball season using these helpful tips.