wake-up-every-morning-with-the-thought-that-something-wonderful-is-about-to-happenNot a morning person? Do you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings and wish there was a solution? Here are some tips on ways to make you an early-riser and get your butt out of bed.
Be active. By going for a morning or after-work run or walk, it will make your body more relaxed and tired by bedtime.
Go to bed at a decent hour. Most of us know when we have to be up in the morning. So try to get 8 hours of sleep the night before. Turn off the television and computer and put a glass of water bedside for you to drink in the morning.
Pick out your clothes the night before. For some people, it takes a while to think clearly in the mornings. Decisions like picking out the right outfit can be a little difficult, so it’s best to have it hanging and pressed and ready for you in the wee hours when your head is still foggy.
sleepingWrite down your pressing needs to get up in the morning. Having something to do or somewhere to be is a big motivator to get out of bed.
Set your alarm clock 15 minutes before you’re supposed to get up and make sure it’s across the room. This way you have to physically get out of bed and turn it off.
Keep warm. Everyone tends to sleep better when he or she is warm. Grab a warm light blanket or turn up your thermostat a little.
Get up around the same time every day. This may be difficult at first, but once you have a good sleeping pattern it will become like clockwork in the mornings. Your body will become its own alarm clock.