It’s important to be a good influence on your kids and show them that exercising can be fun. It can help build their self-esteem, show them healthy ways to relieve stress and teach them good habits while they’re young. Here are a few fun ways to get your kid off the couch, away from the video games and into shape.

Fun Workout Kids Yoga

1. Yoga. There are many different yoga videos and studios that are kid friendly and fun. Yoga can teach your kids outer and inner strength and flexibility.

2. Nature walks or hikes. They will not only like the different sceneries, they will also be able to learn about the beauty of Arizona. It’s fall season now and perfect weather for hikes.


Fun Workout Kids

3. Join small races. There are many fun and kid-friendly races, such as the Color Run and the Zombie Run throughout the year. Plus, they usually go for a good cause.

4. Go roller blading, bicycling or skate boarding around the neighborhood or park. Once they’ve learned how to ride their choice of wheels, it will be easy to take them with you on walks or other adventures.



5. Make certain goals to reach by the end of the week, month and year. Create a chart and let your kids fill it out after every time they do something active, that way they can watch their progress.

6. Most importantly, get your kid involved in activities or sports. Enroll them in classes to try various things to see what they like to do best. There is an array of activities, like karate, ballet, gymnastics, softball, baseball, swimming and the list can go on and on. It will improve their overall health and after all, you may just have an all-star athlete on your hands.


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