Fall brings many joys: cooler temperatures, pumpkin flavoring and the beginning of one of the longest professional sports seasons — basketball! The squeak of shoes against the hardwoods, the sounds of a ball swooshing through the net, and the roar of the crowd as the favorite player scores another three-pointer. THIS is where the excitement is at; if you dream of being the crowd’s favorite player, now is when to begin! We’ve prepared a list of the top five workouts guaranteed to help become the best possible player and assist with avoiding common injuries.

Building Leg Strength

The average basketball player’s body is built far differently than a football player’s. However, strength is equally important, especially leg strength. Basketball players run an average of five miles per game; keeping legs strong with squats, lunges, leg extensions and calf raises can help keep a player at the top of their game.

Don’t Forget the Shoulders and Arms

Nothing is more embarrassing than tossing that Hail Mary shot at the end of the game and only reaching mid-court. Keeping arms, shoulders and the chest strong is equally important. Bench presses, triceps dips, bicep curls and cable seated rows are just a few of the exercises that can help maintain or improve upper body strength.

Your Core Must Be Strong

If the core is weak, the game will also be; ab workouts are critical to the overall appearance and strength of a successful basketball player. Crunches and planks are the most effective way to assist with achievement of core strength.

Suicide Drills

Being able to accelerate and stop quickly are two important skills required for basketball. Suicide drills are a time-tested workout that will ensure success on the court.

Power is Important

The best players don’t just run fast and jump high; their every move is filled with an unbridled power that is exciting to watch. Explosive leaps into the air, powerful throws across the court and dynamic sprints towards the basket allow a competitive edge in a player’s quest for basketball dominance. Incorporating a medicine ball into workouts will help achieve success; medicine ball slams, wall throws and side wall throws are just a few exercises to get started.

You Could Do It Alone

But why should you if you don’t have to? The Center for Athletic Performance and Physical Therapy has years of experience in helping today’s amateurs become tomorrow’s stars. Schedule a consultation with us today and let us help you become the best basketball player obtainable.