Kids_grocery_storeKids are back to school this month, which means the fall sports season is underway. And as any parent would want their child to be successful while playing, they also want them to get the most out of their sport.
To help your youngster learn, grow and become a better athlete, we came up with five tips for parents to follow.
1. Educate your kid on proper nutrition. We cannot stress this enough. It’s important for kids who are serious about sports to be aware of their health, eat right and get the right amount of sleep. Make meals together so they can learn for the future.
2. Set realistic goals before their season begins. This will help them stay motivated and give them something to work hard for. However, don’t let your kid set unattainable goals like wanting your 10-year-old to be a professional baseball player. Keep them short-term and reachable, like throwing a football 15 yards or dribbling a basketball the full length of the court.
set and reach goal concept3. Encourage them to study some of the greats. Your kid can learn a lot if they watch they’re favorite athlete in action. Studying videos of some of the great professionals of their sport can teach your child good technique, sportsmanship and work ethic.
4. Teach your kid to take responsibility for his or her own actions.  A dropped pass or a missed ground ball isn’t the reason your team lost. Placing blame on others is a bad habit and poor sportsmanship. Each person on a team should carry their own weight.
5. Treat winning and losing the same. Don’t let your child forget that the outcome of the game isn’t what’s most important, it’s about having fun.