Five reasons stretching before physical activity is so Important

We’re sure you have been told many, many times before how important it is to stretch before taking part in any vigorous activity, and unless you’re an athlete who has had training on how the body works, you’ve probably rolled your eyes and started right in, with not even the pretense of a stretch! We get it, we’ve been guilty of foregoing the stretch in the past; we were in a hurry, we were distracted by the free weight machine opening up right as we walked into the gym, or we just plain forgot. There have been times when we suffered no ill side effects, but the times where we pulled a muscle or hurt ourselves in some way during training were painful enough that we try very hard to never forget again! Here’s a list of the top five reasons stretching is important—maybe understanding the reasons will help you remember the next time you are in that gym!

Stretching Reduces Your Risk of Incurring Injury 

Flexibility is key to remaining injury free, and when you start a workout by stretching and warming up your muscles, you reduce your chance of tearing the long muscles.

Stretching Helps Prepare Your Body for the Pain of the Workout 

Warming up your muscles prior to your workout helps direct blood flow to the muscles. The blood then supplies oxygen and feeds the muscles in preparation for the “indignities” they are about to suffer. It also helps reduce the pain, allowing you to workout stronger and longer.

Stretching Makes You More Agile

Starting a new routine with muscles that have been properly stretched allows you to move quicker, bounce back easier, and move in and out of positions you may otherwise have never been able to get into in the first place!

Stretching Helps Build Muscle

Full range of motion is required to get the muscles you are working so hard to get. For that toned body without the bulk, a pre-workout stretch is just what you need.

Stretching Calms the Muscles and the Mind

There is no better way to get into the zone before a big game—or a tough workout—than by taking a few minutes and stretching the muscles. Staying clearheaded in the tournament is key to taking the win. Emotions can cloud our thoughts and our bodies responses to turmoil, and if you start the game with calmness, you are ahead of the pack!

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