Fit MVP Month Corinne DietherThis month Corinne Diether was chosen as our FIT MVP. Corinne has been rehabilitating and training with us since 2010. Our Cave Creek Sports Performance Director, Drew Bohannan, nominated her.
Corinne first received physical therapy from Clinical Manager, Kristen Collins, due to her patella being able to dislocate. She later moved on to our FIT program to work on her fitness. She says our FIT program has benefited her because she wouldn’t be able to workout without it because she’s closely supervised by the Center’s staff.
Corinne has lost 29 pounds since July 2013. She’s almost to her goal of 30 pounds.
“She is a senior at Cactus Shadows and has been working super hard lately and she changed her eating habits,” Drew said. “Her consistency and dedication are what has helped her excel in all she does.”
Her favorite exercise is dead ball slams since she gets to throw something at the floor. She doesn’t have a least favorite exercise because she feels they’re all beneficial to her health.
“I would definitely recommend this program (FIT) to other people because of the great opportunities to work with a trainer, to be able to understand more about your body and how it works, and the fact that I can come in on my own time is simply amazing,” Corinne said.