Woman sneezing with tissue in meadow-779344It’s that time of year again for sneezing, runny noses and watery eyes. If you’re somewhere where something blooms year round like Arizona, then it’s always that time of year and you’re probably constantly battling allergies. Below are some steps to help with allergies, without having to go to the doctor.
Check the weather. With technology these days, we can find out the weather and pollen count in advance. By doing this, it gives you a heads up to prepare yourself when you go outside. Plan indoor activities if the pollen count is high for the day.
Tip: when it rains it usually clears the air of pollen for while making it a safe time to be out.
Try Alternatives to Medication. There are a number of remedies you can use to substitute medications. For instance, a few weeks before you know your allergies are going to kick in, try Nasalcrom. It’s a drug-free over-the-counter nasal spray that protects and coats your nasal passage from allergens. Also, flush out your sinuses every night by using a neti pot or a product called SinuCleanse.
healthy-foodsEat Healthy Foods. A healthy diet and immune system will help you fight allergies. Foods containing antioxidants will defend your body against oxidative molecules during the allergy response.
Protect Your Home. Use HEPA air purifiers to filter out pollen, household dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pet dander and numerous other airborne pollutants that often send allergies into overdrive. They also have HEPA vacuum cleaners available at stores like Sears or you can purchase special filter bags for your current one. Start a “no shoes” policy in your home because shoes can track in pollen. Frequently wash your bedding, children’s toys and outdoor clothing during allergy season and use hot water. Also, you may want to try special allergen pillow and mattress cases to protect your bedding from particles and pollen.