Exercising After a Knee Injury

Knee injuries are relatively common. A single jerk, twist, or consistent overuse can result in damage. Regardless of the injury type, certain steps can be taken to recover and strengthen.
Below are tips to help prevent further knee injury.

Continue Exercise After Rehabilitation

Upon finishing prescribed therapy, patients typically stop performing recommended recovery exercises. While the knee is capable of simple daily activities, injury is still possible after conclusion. Rehabilitation is a continual process to prevent further injury; ongoing exercise is an essential step to this process.

Focus on All Muscle Groups

Oftentimes, a knee injury will result from strength imbalances in various segments of the lower body. Weak gluteus muscles can trigger knee failure. Lower back weakness causes overcompensation in the legs, producing unnecessary stress on joints. Furthermore, a lack of stability in the ankle can result in quick twists and jerks, generating severe knee injuries. It is vital to focus on all muscle groups from the lower back down to the feet.

Make Balance Practice Part of Your Training

Studies have proven that weaker balanced athletes are more susceptible to knee and ankle injuries. Balance training is a crucial aspect to reducing the risk of re-injury. This can be accomplished by performing single leg stands combined with various movements.

Work on Flexibility

Increased flexibility reduces strain on the body; this is applicable to every physique, but fully benefits the knees. Flexibility throughout the hamstrings, calves, hips, lower back, and quads is pertinent to avoiding an injury.

Reduce the Impact of Workouts

Reducing the strain that knees endure during workouts is feasible; altering routine workouts is key and can have a lasting impact on preventing tendonitis. Running on a soft surface in more supportive shoes can lessen the effect on knees. Exercising in a swimming pool is perhaps the most efficient workout with the lowest possible impact.

While an injury is unprecedented, there are various tactics an athlete can take to help maintain their health. By utilizing the aforementioned practices, injury prevention is obtainable. Safe practice on a daily basis will help reduce damage to the knee.