runner stretching her glutes

There are times when we establish a workout routine that we are really excited about. It is not difficult to hit this regimen hard for a few weeks or months, but most of us have run into difficulty when it comes to maintaining a good routine for many months or years.
Whether you are hampered by injury or you just lose your mojo, odds are pretty good that you will spend some length of time away from your exercising ways. Don’t worry about it, it happens to most people! But when it comes time to get back in the gym or wherever you do your work, many people find frustration getting back into the routine. The following are a few tips for getting back to your active ways!

Gradually Increase Your Intensity

Regardless of what type of exercise you are performing, whether it be running, weight lifting, or anything in between, it is vitally important to not just jump back in where you left off after a break. This is the quickest and surest way to injury. The first time you get back to your routine, the main goal is to get the muscles and joints used to performing those activities again, getting good blood flow back to these areas and loosening tight muscles and tendons.
If you are getting back into weight lifting, start your bench press exercise weight well below what you know you are capable of doing. Focus on quality reps rather than high weight. If you are getting back into running, start with short, brisk jogs and gradually work yourself up to longer distances and greater speeds.

Establish a Good Warmup and Cooldown

Stretching and getting blood flow to muscle groups that you will be exercising before you start your workout is so important. It is best way to greatly reduce your risk of injuring yourself. Before running, it is so important to stretch your lower body as well as your upper body. Walking and light jogging interspersed with stretching will help you run better and avoid injury.
Before weight lifting, stretch the muscles you will be using and do various arm movements to get blood into those areas. And when you begin your workout, start very light. At the end of a workout it is important to stretch the areas that you focused on and the areas around it. Using a foam roller to remove lactic acid will also go a long way in helping your muscles recover.

Set Realistic Expectations

One of the main reasons people give up on working out is the frustration that comes with not meeting unrealistic goals. That is why you should set very incremental goals and reward yourself when you meet them. An example of a goal could be running a mile, bench pressing 100 pounds, or anything in between.
When it comes to working out, the most important thing is doing it for the right reasons. The most important of these reasons is self-love, the importance of which cannot be overstated. So do not be too hard on yourself. The most beneficial thing about working out is simply taking the time and doing it with focus. Therefore, you should try to avoid getting bogged down by results or lack thereof.
Attempting to get back into exercising is inherently good, so you should be proud of yourself for this endeavor. Follow these tips and remember to keep a positive attitude, because using your body should be an activity of joy!