Designed for athletes 14-18 years of age
You may be an elite athlete that has survived on your natural talents for years, but is your body meeting its potential or is there another level that you have yet to explore?
This period of time is crucial in the development of the athlete. During these ages, the athlete has the potential to make more gains than at any other time in their life. This is also the time when habits are formed for life. Will they be good or bad habits?
Our college prep program is geared towards preparing you for the physical and mental demands that will be placed up on you at your college or university. While doing so, we continue to periodize your training plan so that you are competing at your highest level for your important competitions, try-outs or college showcase events.
We train our kids as if they are already in college, by teaching them proper form and how training cycles work so that they will have a firm understanding of what college is all about.
At this time, you may be looking to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain weight and our nutritionist is always available for evaluations and advice in finding your optimal athletic weight.